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Why a broker?

The purchase or sale of a property requires a great deal of technical knowledge. One must manage significant transactional, financial and legal aspects, in addition to knowing how to negotiate effectively. This presents a lot of points to cover, and that's why you need an expert!

Selling expenses

Make sure to plan for the expenses involved in selling a property in order to properly assess the net proceeds of the sale. The main expenses will be:

  • Real estate broker's commission:

    The agreed-upon compensation will be deducted from the sale amount (this amount is taxable).
  • Professional evaluation (if necessary):

    I can complete a CMA (Comparative Market Analysis) for you at no additional cost, but you can pay for a professional evaluation of your property if you prefer.
  • Mortgage prepayment and payoff charges:

    Your mortgage lender may charge penalties for payment before maturity or mortgage discharge fees.
  • Property tax adjustments:

    As the seller, you have an obligation to pay any unpaid property taxes as of the date of the sale.
  • Moving/storage expenses.